Sunday, July 01, 2012

Flights of Fantasy

Ever since they stopped in-flight service of meals, air travel has really become boring. Not that the food was great, but you had a great time guessing which was the starter, entrĂ©e and the dessert. After the meal, if the lady who served you was pretty, you could always have an engaging debate with her on whether the hot liquid in your cup was tea or coffee. However, the low-cost airlines changed the rules of the game. These days you have neither meals nor pretty ladies serving them. On an outbound flight last week, I found that the entire cabin crew was male. I was wondering if they were trying to celebrate International Men’s Day or something. All of them appeared supremely irritable. I imagined that it was because they were asked to report for an early morning flight after late night romp over beer and Euro 2012 matches. I did not dare to even ask them water. 

The return flight was equally uneventful. Same aircraft. Same crew. Same irritability. And again I decided to not even ask them water. The extreme depressive state ushered in my mind a list of acts that could make my travel livelier. However, I did not indulge in any of them since my mother was accompanying me. Not that she believes in my genteelness, but she is tired of being embarrassed by my antics. If anyone of you has managed to free himself from the shackles of societal propriety, here are a few tips to make your travel eternally etched in memories of your fellow travelers and cabin crew.

  • If you are seated near the emergency exit, after listening to the additional safety instructions, hold the lever of the door and ask if you can have a dry run.
  • Ask for drinking water and pour it into the air sicknesses bag to check if it would leak. Promptly hand over the bag and empty bottle to purser who brought you the water.
  • Ask the flight attendant to repeat safety instructions in the local language. Wave her a copy of the official gazette notification of three language formula if she refuses.
  • After takeoff, pull out the life vest under the seat. Walk up to the cabin crew and ask where the trial room is.
  • If you are passing through turbulent weather, offer to read tarot cards free for all the passengers to know who will land alive.
  • Collect boarding cards of all passengers and then invite them for a game of rummy.
  • Go to the cockpit and pester the pilot to help you identify cloud number nine.
  • When the cabin crew asks if you would like to buy anything onboard, ask how much the trolley would cost. Don't try on Kingfisher. They might actually sell you.
  • If you buy any stuff onboard, pay in one rupee coins.
  • When they come to collect trash, throw in the in-flight magazine. Tell them this is your way of writing letters to the editor.
  • And finally, before landing, request the captain to talk to the ATC and find out what offers are available on car rentals.


Unaccustomed Mirth said...

Ooooh, brilliant concept, really. Must try this the next time I am on some insipid flight. A few suggestions from my side -

1.) Join in enthusiastically when the safety instructions are being meted out (my brother has them memorised, I am planning to take lessons)

2.) Make scary ghost noises when the lights go off during take-off and landing...ooooo...ooooo a.k.a. make Ramsay Brothers proud.

3.) Act as if you're psychic and predict turbulence, move around jerkily for added effect.

Cosmic Voices said...

Wow...... I seem to have some company in flights of fantasy .yayayay :D

ifheroz said...

U and a few guys having d same "wavelength" as u,possess the potential of successfully ushering in the premature balding of the entire crew with those re f f freshing inquiries and mind(hair)-blowing antics and u can console dem subsequently by assisting 2 trace out the contacts of d "wig" suppliers of NBK or AVS,what say? :P:P:P