Friday, November 24, 2006

Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi.....

Banu: hi
Me: hi
Me: saw the movie?
yeah man
Me: kaisa tha?
Banu: Nice .. hard hitting in the sense of what happens so fast to Vikram Malhotra
Me: doesn’t the song now seem more beautiful?
Banu: yeah. its good
Me: he is truly a baawra
Banu: exactly..
Me: the way he rests his head on her shoulders in the end........and still persists with his love … baawra bawre se iss jahan mein bawara ek saath ho, iss sayani bheed mein bas haathon mein tera haath ho… He has actually left the sayani bheed of Delhi…….
Banu: haha... he still persists with his love...
Banu: she knows he loves him from the first moment but she never accepts his love
Me: hmm
Banu: and even in the end, she doesn't love him but cares for him
Banu: and dammm people help each other in such conditions of distress
Banu: I liked that
Me: hmm
but Sid was the sickest of the lot....
Me: the way he ditched Vikram
Banu: yeah.. he tried to do something but always looking confused
Banu: I don’t think he ditched Vikram...
Me: the way he looked to his dad when he was checkmated
Me: he was the weakest of the lot
Banu: yeah.. that was very bad.. and also the way he flew off to England or someplace leaving Gita right there
Me: As some one correctly remarked somewhere........... he talked the talk, but could not walk the walk
Banu: She came to Bihar because of him
Me: Gita and Vikram messed their lives just because of him
Banu: and he leaves
Banu: exactly
Banu: both of them got messed up
Me: When you look back, they were much better. They are very clear in their thought.......anything for their love/friend
Me: and though they do not commit, they always went out of their way
Banu: haha.. they always stood up to their love/friend..
Me: exactly raa..........i loved that
Me: ultimately what did sid contribute?
Me: It is very clear that his contribution to society would have been done by someone if not by him
Me: but Gita’s and Vikram's contribution for their friends was irreplaceable
Banu: he actually destroyed some students life
Banu: yeah...
Banu: and Sid calls Vikram ‘asshole’,‘comic’, ‘foolish’
and it is the other way around
though silent.......dumb-looking......and selfish........Vikram is more selfless and more courageous.
Banu: not to say selfless..
more courageous? yes
Banu: helping a friend out of the way... is it selfless?... a general question
Me: He might have had an ulterior motive in saving Gita....... but why should he save Sid?..... He knows what Sid did was self-inflicted
Banu: why did he go to help him..? big question
Me: Did u notice something in the movie? The relation between Sid and Vikram is mostly through Gita. Personally, he doesn't seem to have any big equation with Sid.
Me: So I wonder if they were really friends in the true sense.
Me: They actually just seem to be acquaintances.
Banu: Yeah. I notice now.
Banu: dammm
Banu: now this is selfless
Banu: dammm
Me: He is truly sweet.
Banu: Yeah, he looks like a crook to all but he is sweet
Me: And look at Sid........
Me: for sex, he spoils Gita's marriage by meeting her slyly
Me: when in trouble, he disturbs his ailing old father
Banu: yeah
Me: then leaves Vikram, when he knows that the police can do anything. Remember how they beat up villagers accusing them of killing a cop, when all along the cop was drunk and went missing.
Banu: I think he was brought up with riches and hence was confused.
Me: Even after seeing what has happened to Vikram, he goes to England to study Medicine. Very confused. Wonder why he suddenly decided to learn medicine. I guess Medicine is just a pretext to escape from his overwhelming internal conflict.
Banu: coward and etc..
Me: It seems that he doesn’t really care for the society. Just his ideals, with stress on the word "his" and not on "ideals"
Me: To fulfill his ideological ego, he used society. Just as he used Gita to satiate his sexual ego.
Banu: He should not have done what he did to Gita. I feel bad about it
Me: Oh Man, Chitrangada is really really beautiful.
Banu: Yeah man. Totally awesome. And she looks sooo telugu (or south indian)
Me: yeah
Banu: how can she be a Singh in the first place
Me: You can see her feminity when she surrenders to sid, at the same time, u can see the maleness, when she fights for him and with him.......even when that feminine coward leaves and runs away.
Banu: yeah
Me: A right mix of Yin and Yang.

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