Friday, March 16, 2007

An IIT for Andhra Pradesh

The location of the new IIT in Andhra Pradesh has become a bone of contention. The CM has proposed the location at Medak, a neighboring district of Hyderabad which is being steadily encroached by Hyderabadi suburbs. However, Mr. Ramiah and others who have been at the forefront of the campaign for an IIT at AP, want it to be located at Basar in Nizamabad district as it has the famed temple of Goddess Saraswati.

Amidst the din of arguments from either side, it has been lost that AP already has an IIT. High school students from AP have silently accomplished what politicians and academicians could not do. If don’t believe me, see this. [Link via Abi]

“During a recent year under review 979 candidates from South Zone secured admission. Of them 769 were from AP, while TN accounted for 94 successful candidates, Karnataka, 84, and Kerala, for no more than 32 candidates.”

Since we live in an age of acquisitions and mergers, the IIT for AP can be established in the following manner with minimal investment and zero contention.

Rename IIT (Madras) as IIT (Hyderabad).

Rename Guindy as Gandipet Phase - II.

Incorporate the locality into the proposed Greater Hyderabad.

Appoint Mr. Ramiah as the director.

Don’t worry about the Tamilians. Give them an additional 100 million cubic feet of Krishna water and they would happily agree to this.


mutRupuLLi said...

I should know this very well....We never acknowledged that IIT Madras was in TN...It is like a foreign embassy.....The land by the prinicple of max people belongs to Andhra.....
As Vivek would put it....
IIT Madras'u languageu Telugu
IIT Madras'u dance formu Kuchipidi
IIT Madras'u CM'u..Rajasekara Reddy gaaru
IIT Madras'u Superstar'u Chiru

Cosmic Voices said...

Baaga chepparandi Mutrupulli gaaru. lol.

But why did not any Srinivasulu, Venkateswaralu, Rama Rao or Subba Rao ever become the director in its 50 years of history?

We are planning to send an independent team of Balakrishna, Mohan Babu and Krishna to investigate this matter.

Sameera said...

hmmm first of all are u a tamilian :p

nice article
i lolled away to glory as usual!

Cosmic Voices said...

I am fighting for the cause of Telugus and you cast aspersions on me?

I am harrt.

Adhyeksha nenu ee matalni theevaranga kandisthunna

Hyderabadiz said...

Happy Ugadi to all....
check this out:
From the team of Hyderabadizzz

ASP said...

All yenzineeringu kalasaalalu have to me merzed into the Grater(no "e") Hyddrabadd!

Syuperb Blog!

Cosmic Voices said...


Nice Comment..... hope you write a post in this lingo

Sick of gults said...

Oh my GOD. Gults yet again claiming that IITM is yours. By the way, let me make a couple of points clear. You dont acknowledge IITM is in TN? You dont need to acknowledge that. Its already acknowledged by the states act. And about the numbers of gults coming inside IITs. The whole if India knows how u gults scrape into the IITs. Try mugging for JEE without ur coaching instituesu. You will eat mud in the exams. Even assuming that the gults are strong contenders for the IIT admit, how many gults have made it to the elite league in the IITs, like getting the governor's award/president's award or atleast BP1s? And most of the giveups in IITs would have something in common - max are gults. Hope you would have made it out that im a graduate from IITM as well, that rightly belongs to TN and not to those gults who came looking for shelter.

Cosmic Voices said...

Relax!!! I did not know gults arouse such high passions among non-gults. ;-)

Btw, I guess the phenomenon is not restricted to IITM alone. One of my friends,a Bihari, picked up Telugu and listens to Telugu songs. Source? IITG.